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          ””£Ū About Us £Ż

          Guangxi Zhongchang Resin Co.,Ltd. was established in the year of 2003, which formerly known as Wuzhou Zhongchang Resin Co., Ltd Our company is a professional company specialized in the designsӢproductionӢprocessing and trade of mainly in refined and light color modified rosin esters. Be honored as the high-technology enterprise in 2016.
          Ever since our company establishment, we take the advantage of our location in the center of main output area of high grade pine rosin resources-Guangxi area, with our perfect management and advanced technology, and we have produced various kinds of rosin esters which are widely used for production of Adhesive, Ink, Paint and Coatings, Paper making, Plastic, Electronic flux , Oil paint, Dope ,EVA, Synthetic Rubber etc. We export our products to overseas market directly, such as Europe, USA and South East markets ect. Producing the better products, which is enable us to get lots of clients and market acceptance.

          Along with the needs of market development, our company has expanded our factory area to about 18 acre, production capacity up to 18000 tons per year.

          With the policy "quality first by technical support, develop together by sincere cooperation", our company cordially invite the old and new clients to explore together the future hand in hand, commit both of us to enhance our competitive ability in the market.

          ”ó Quality Management System Cert. of ISO9001:2008
          ”ó IQNet and CQC Cert. of ISO9001:2008
          ”ó Cert. of the high-tech enterprise in Guangxi, China

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          Guangxi Zhongchang Resin Co., Ltd.