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The Rainbow piano

The piano method for children from 4 years old

The Rainbow piano

7 notes, 7 colors

This method is intended to awaken the musical sensitivity of children by introducing them pleasantly to the study of the piano, and to meet the demands of many parents and piano teachers. She puts the piano “within reach” of children from 4 to 7 years old, with a distracting program that is really suited to young children. Your little pianist will find pleasure and fulfillment there, therefore motivation and enthusiasm: his progress will surprise you. « The rainbow piano » expresses its objective: like a ray of sunshine after the rain, the study of the piano and music theory, far from being sad and austere, becomes playful and attractive. The seven colors of the rainbow represent the seven musical notes, and make it possible to identify them perfectly on the keyboard and the staff.

The austere and tedious methods wreaked havoc with most beginners: every year in France, very many children (and adults) abandoned the study of the piano with bitter frustration and a feeling of failure …
There was an urgent need to innovate and offer a logical, fun and suitable education for current children.
This is why the rainbow method was created: thousands of children (but also adults) use it to start with solid foundations, then continue with other piano works and gradually become pianists. and piano enthusiasts.
Many continue the piano at the Conservatory or in other structures. Some have become young and brilliant amateur pianists or piano teachers. A great success…

Frequently Asked Questions


After black and white television, color television was a big step forward. Ditto for the photo. Similarly, like a rainbow after the greyness of black and white, the musical notes light up and become multicolored … to the delight of children.

Colored musical notes (on the keyboard and on the staff) have an aesthetic advantage and a practical aspect: they allow very rapid progress on the piano, not to mention the advantages of chromotherapy (which uses colors to balance our vital energy and improve our well-being).

It is not easy to teach the piano to very young children: they often play by imitation, looking only at the fingers on the keyboard (because it is concrete), without trying to read the notes on the score (because c is too abstract for them)…
Before the age of 7, children learn better through play and pleasure than through the rigor and academic discipline of music theory. Their reasoning is not yet very constructed, and they do not have enough sense of abstractions to differentiate musical signs and small musical notes in black and white in the two keys on a double staff. So to make them progress in piano, you often have to go through treasures of ingenuity (like very large notes and colors, or memo-technical means). The goal is to give them solid and serious acquisitions in a fun way, to get them used to looking at the score to understand and then master the musical writing.
A clever mix of play and seriousness.


Although initially designed for ages 4 to 7, the rainbow method appeals very much to children of all ages (from 3 years) but also to adolescents, and to adults who are short on time, who do not have no teacher or who want to avoid forbidding methods, to progress very effectively while having fun.
Some children love the rainbow method, to the point that their progress is surprisingly rapid, and sometimes even unexpected …

This comment read on the Amazon site illustrates the conviction of a (retired) school teacher, who believes that the rainbow method is also perfectly suitable for adults:

“The piano methods for adults are especially suitable for adults who return to the piano, not for real beginners, who drown in all things to be done head on: read the treble clef and the bass clef, place both hands, count the measure…
For the total neophyte, the best is to look for methods for children! And then there, my favorite is the rainbow piano, playful, nice, very progressive, intended for 4 to 7 years old but also ideal for a beginner adult! ”

Rock And Roll It – Rainbow Piano.

Flexible, Completely Portable, 49 standard Keys, battery OR USB powered. Includes play-by-color song book!

Piano is flexible so when you’re done playing, you can roll it back up into its box. Portable – take it with you anywhere, even when you go outdoors!

Can be powered by batteries OR USB (cord included) so you can play anytime, anywhere!
Features a unique Play-By-Color song booklet, multiple keyboard tones and demo songs,

record & playback, echo/sustain, built-in speaker with volume control, and audio output
49 standard keys allows you to play tons of music without taking up the space of a large piano or keyboard..

Perfect for everyone from beginner to master, children to adults – rock out then roll it up!



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