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The method for children from 4 years old.

This method contains songs known and very appreciated by children from 4 to 7 years old, and approaches the learning of music theory. Musical notes in large format and in the colors of the rainbow are a huge success with children.

Children’s enthusiasm is the key to their motivation and progress. The keyboards represented at the end of the ranges optimize the clarity of the pedagogy.
This method, ideal for piano lessons for toddlers, is also applicable to group lessons of musical awakening (by replacing the piano with singing or xylophone).

Welcome to the wonderful world of music …

Very educational method, very well thought out, both for the teacher and for the small child … or older children who are just starting out.

a real plus: one lesson per page with each time a staff comprising an extract of popular children’s song.

Method recommended by the music teacher of my 7 year old daughter.

Who flips through the book and learns to place her fingers with the color system on her own. It’s fun, colorful and very nice.

Awesome !

Verified purchase, Amazon

How to teach a child to read a score and make the link with the keyboard? Using the colors, of course.

The scores are well written with the notes in the right position on the staff but the « little extra trick » is that they are colorful. The child can easily make the link between the note and the key (and independently).

I recommend this purchase obviously for all beginners even the youngest. The only condition is to know how to associate identical colors…. (therefore largely possible at three years).

Super method!

Verified purchase, Amazon

Book delivered very quickly. Very good for learning the piano for beginners. The sticker system is great for the little ones.

This method makes it possible to take good habits from the start by indicating both the notes and the fingerings thanks to the colors. My 5-year-old daughter can play songs that become easier to memorize, the position of the hand being identical each time she plays the same song. Her fingers also « remember » …

Perfect beginner's book.

Verified purchase Amazon

The author

Chantal Muller is a pianist-composer and psychosociologist.

Its formation :

– Graduation diploma in piano, First Prize in piano (Paris interconservatoires), and several years of teaching piano in music schools.

– Master’s degree in sociology, with a dissertation on teaching music to children (University Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne), and Diploma of Specialized Higher Studies (D.E.S.S.) in psychosociology (University Paris XIII).

Chantal Muller-Simmerling applied her research and knowledge in psychosociology to piano teaching, developing this method intended to share her passion for the piano with children.